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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do my clients access the bot?

The bot can be embedded onto a page of your website or can be placed in the bottom-right corner of the page. We will also be building out integrations soon with Facebook, Twitter, and WeChat.


How often is the intake logic updated and by whom?

The intake logic is updated at least once a quarter by experienced immigration attorneys. Changes are made immediately if there are significant updates in immigration policy or laws.


Is onboarding included in the Starter plan?

The Starter plan includes basic support and access to the Help Guide. The advanced plans include onboarding by our team at no additional charge. If you are on the Starter plan and would like onboarding for your team, this is a one-time $500 fee. The scope of our firm's onboarding process can be found here.


Do you offer some kind of support?

We offer support with all of our bot plans. Our support team is available by email at to answer any questions or concerns.


What is customizable in the bot?

There are several aspects of the bot which are customizable, based on the plan you choose. At any tier there is customized branding, including company name and logo. You can update the available intake options based on the type of immigration your firm practices (i.e. the bot will only show business immigration options/questions for a firm that only practices business immigration).

With a Plus or Pro plan, there is an option to update the intake logic to best suite the needs of your firm. You can also build additional logic flows to add to your bot.

*We will soon be adding an FAQs section to the bot, so users can get basic information about your firm.